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    Walk together. Talk together.


    There are many physical benefits to joining a Walking Club, such as, improving your blood pressure, experiencing better heart function, lowering cholesterol and accelerating weight loss. However our walking group is different than other clubs because it combines physical wellness with mental wellness. The goal of our walks (a "saunter" as Thoreau would say ) is to find a healthier way of being.


    When you read our monthly book selection, your thoughts and thinking furnish your mind with inner energy. Similarly, when you walk along the tree-lined road or garden pathway under a bright morning sky and admire the lovely daffodils or the stream of other people, we amuse ourselves and create physical changes in our bodies that come with regular exercise and watching the beauty that surrounds us. Both activities synchronize new habits, new behaviors and friendships and encourage a heightened awareness to remove the toxic obstacles in our life journey.


    Together we will meet once per month to discuss a book that is recommended by a digital librarian called Libby. If the weather is too cold or if the quarantine for COVID-19 is still with us, we can meet online, instead of outside.


    The book: The book should have interesting characters and be accessible to the lives of our members. It's always more fun to debate a book that makes us connect to the characters. The books should inspire courage, survival, dignity and tenderness through difficult times.



    The discussion: We will encourage people to share their personal perspectives. We will ask each other questions , including: How did the book make you feel? How do you feel about how the story was told? What did you think about the main characters? Which parts of the book stood out to you? What themes did you detect in the story? What did you think about the ending? What is your impression of the author?


    The walk: We will walk together, Two by Two and try to complete a 30-minute walk. In these times, it is important to bring people together and lift each other up. The conversations should be healing. Our rewards will be non-food related, but after every 5 meetings, you get a bonus.












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